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Grab your friends & family & we'll bring the fun when you play Sample Me This. The game that will test your knowledge of sampled music from all eras. If you love Hip Hop, R&B & Pop this game is for you! Get ready to separate the real music lovers from the fake!


Rules are simple! Play the original song listed on the card & players will guess the artist that sampled OR did NOT sample the song. If the answer is wrong the player must take a shot. To spice it up, you can choose your answer before listening to the original. If you get it correct, you choose someone else to take a shot. If you get it wrong, you must take 2 shots. *Shots can be any edible product you don't like, doesn't have to be alcohol.*


Family Version: Same as above minus the shots.


*This game is best played with one smartphone, tablet, or any device that supports music streaming (Amazon Alexa/Siri/Google Home).


Tag videos & photos of you playing #SampleMeThis on Instagram, Facebook, & TikTok.

Sample Me This... Vol. I

SKU: 0001
$28.00 Regular Price
$21.50Sale Price
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  • Features:

    • 100 fact based questions
    • ABCD response cards included (up to 6 players)
    • Rigid box to keep cards fresh
    • QR code included with Sample Me This Spotify and Apple Music playlist



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